Caleb, owner of North Seattle Handyman services

Caleb has been a carpenter 20 years and in that time, he’s worked in almost every construction trade out there, from building retaining walls to kitchen and bath remodels.

He found in that time that what he really enjoy are the small and medium jobs. He loves the variety of it. It requires he knows something about everything and gets to experience how all the trades work together. When he was a new homeowner, he quickly realized how overwhelming home repairs are. He felt like he can help his customers with all those to-do lists, no matter how big or small.

Caleb runs the remodel side of the business and is the person you’re chatting with in the inbox if you are scheduling a remodel with us. Caleb lives with his wife two daughters and two rambunctious female dogs, ensuring he will forever be out numbered by the women in his life.


North Seattle Handyman services owner

Pete has been a jack of all trades for most of his life. He has an excellent mechanical aptitude and an eye for detail. His career has included aviation machinist and German Specialty mechanic before becoming co-owner at North Seattle Handyman.

  Fit and finish are extremely important to him, and in his book, there’s no such thing as “good enough“ He runs the handyman team and is who you are talking to in the inbox if you have a handyman job.

Pete is the lead of all training in the company, ensuring everyone understands the North Seattle Handyman way of working with clients.

Pete is Caleb’s brother in law, making this a true family business. There isn’t a hobby in this world that Pete hasn’t explored. He loves spending time in the woods with his kids, wife and dog Aspen.


North Seattle Handyman services employee

Jess runs our inbox and gets all the customers on the schedule, while keeping the techs aware of what is happening so they have what they need to do their job.

She is a nature and water lover who transplanted from Ohio in 2020. She is an army wife and a mom to three kiddos, all of which keep her busy. With her family, she loves exploring the many wonders the PNW has to offer.

She loves to problem solve and enjoys helping others find the right answers. Give this girl a good spreadsheet and she’ll be happy for weeks.


North Seattle Handyman services employee

Dan loves people and animals. We are constantly getting feedback from customers about how friendly and thoughtful Dan is while he is in their homes. Dan is a PNW native and loves all things tech related. He’s often being called on for tech fixes in the office. Dan is great at taking care of your home, but he may focus on saying hi to your cat before getting to work.


Becca consults with the North Seattle Handyman team and guides them in building their brand and getting their business in front of as many eyes as possible.

Together we’ve launched The Handyman System, using North Seattle Handyman as the model for building a successful service-based business.

She’s Caleb’s sister and Pete’s wife rounding out the family business. She runs her own business Rebecca Ellison Creative alongside The Handyman System and helping North Seattle Handyman grow… which means she is a very busy lady. She has two young kids and a golden retriever named Aspen.


North Seattle Handyman services employee

Levi is a classic man of all trades. He has experience in everything from being a railroad machine operator, to tow truck driving. He spent a handful of years doing home repairs at his family’s ranch in Eastern Washington and has moved back to Seattle to join our handyman team. He is a pet whisperer, all the animals come to quickly introduce themselves to him and he has a mind for numbers which works fabulously in our trade.

He loves the problem-solving nature of the job and seeing a job completed. He has a beautiful white dog Stella which comes with him most places, so you may see her hanging out in the car outside a jobsite.