Featured By RedFin on How to Remove Wallpaper

north seattle handyman featured by redfin
north seattle handyman featured by redfin

This May we RedFin reached out to us at North Seattle Handyman to ask if we have any insights to how to remove wallpaper for DIYers.

And of course, we did!

We were featured for our expert tip as below:

Expert tip: Handyman service North Seattle Handyman says, “We highly recommend using a steamer to remove wallpaper. This method is not only fast and efficient but also eliminates the need for any chemicals that may emit unpleasant odors. The steam will loosen the wallpaper adhesive, making it easier to remove while also reducing the risk of damaging the wall surface. Using a steamer is a safe and effective way to remove wallpaper without compromising the indoor air quality of your home.”

You can read more about How to Remove Wallpaper in the Redfin Article Here

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